středa 13. srpna 2008

Bangkok, Thailand (July 26 - August 4, 2008)

Delicious Thai sea food
. Mani kawai - posing for a picture
. Mani and Akiko
. Kim, Mani and Akiko
Katka and Mani
. At Golden Mount temple over Bangkok
. Golden Mount and line of Tuk-Tuks in freground
. At Khao San road
.Hair stylists at Khao San road
. Siam Square, pulsing heart of the city
. Wat Intharawihan, Temple of Standing Buddha
Wat Arun, Teple of the Dawn
Street food
Nice colours...
Mani and Akiko
By the pool
. In Japanese restaurant
.Tetsu and Akiko
.Katka, Tam, Nana and very specific taste...
. Street temple at New Trade Center
Last evening in Bangkok